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As one who worries about falling, I strongly urge people of all ages to watch this video. Barbara and I know Bill Case well, and there is no one who understands these issues better. Start now!

Former President George H.W. Bush

Balance Your Sexy Golden Years!

Balancing your sexy golden years is not a cliche, but a fact to a healthier lifestyle.  Your strength, flexibility, and posture all affect your balance.  A balanced posture is important to eliminate pain with activities and prevent falls.  The fountain of youth for everyone is motion.  When we maintain a balanced posture we keep our joints, ligaments and muscles lubricated for all activities.  An upright posture with walking activities is the most important component to maintaining balance.

So let’s get started and put the balance back into those sexy golden years, without the fear of falls from poor strength, flexibility or posture. 

Keep Fit and Moving includes more than 25 specific age-friendly exercises you can do for 10 minutes each day to build strength, and improve balance, flexibility, and posture–key factors in preventing missteps and falls as we age.

This video, along with the help of a family member, can be reviewed and structured with any exercise combination for 10 minutes.  Choosing different exercises each week will bring a variety of options to any exercise routine. Just 10 minutes a day of exercises to improve and maintain joint motion and an upright posture to prevent falls.
Here is a sample of one video:
A simple awareness of your standing posture not only improves how you look and feel, but also helps your balance.

Don’t wait! The time to form these exercise habits is now.

Combined with diet and preventive health care–these exercise can help extend quality of life into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

Bill Case brings 30 years of professional experience to the development of Keep Fit and Moving as an orthopedic physical therapy practitioner focusing on back, hip, shoulder and knee injuries, sports injuries, and total joint replacements.

Bill is a frequent lecturer and author who has devoted his professional career to educating his patients on the importance of maintaining good orthopedic health.


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Like our Founder Bill Case, our passion with this website is to educate with preventative steps to eliminate those unnecessary falls and injuries in the older population. Along with specific exercises to help prevent falls, we are here to provide additional information about environmental risk factors as part of the overall fall prevention approach.

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