Don't Fall Victim to the #1 Preventable Cause of Death

From Bill Case, PT - the Founder of
Keep Fit and Moving

As one who worries about falling, I strongly urge people of all ages to watch this video. Barbara and I know Bill Case well, and there is no one who understands these issues better. Start now!

Former President George H.W. Bush

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What People Are Saying:

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    Sherwin Siff, MD

    Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery:
    –Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX
    –University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston,TX

    The best and most successful type of medicine is preventive medicine. This book is about preventive medicine discussing muscle strengthening, balance and fall prevention. Bill Case, PT as one of the premier physical therapists in Houston, TX has truly tapped into a very important problem—Older adult falls.

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    Dr. Geoffrey Varner

    Harvard School of Public Health
    Former Medical Director for Washington DC
    Emergency Medicine Services and author of Home Alive.

    As an ER doctor, I know first firsthand that falls are the #1 cause of deaths in the elderly. This book, Stand Tall, Don’t Fall, and the exercises contained within, will significantly reduce these tragic accidents.

  • Dan Steppe

    Investor / Entrepreneur
    Served - Rice University as Executive Director of the Center for
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Accidents, including falling just don’t happen. Bill Case, PT has provided the reader with revealing information on why older adult falls occur and how to prevent this devastating accident. He converts complex issues affecting posture and shows how to Stand Tall and Don’t Fall!

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

7 Important Things You’ll Learn

  1. The fall risk factors and how to prevent falls
  2. How proper posture can improve independence
  3. How to improve strength,balance, flexibility and posture during daily activities
  4. How the family can help prevent an older adult fall
  5. How to manage the fear of falling
  6. The proper way to fall and how to cope after a fall
  7. Exercises complete with step-by-step instructions and photos

About The Author

Bill Case PT, a physical therapist for over 30 years, has lectured nationally and internationally on orthopedic injuries and a published authority on exercise, injury, and injury prevention. He coauthored SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY and invented the diagonal rotary patterning exercise machine. Bill is also the founder and co-sponsor of Houston's Annual Senior Falls Prevention Day and has scripted and produced Keep Fit and Moving (DVD) for seniors to help prevent falls.

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